Friday, August 26, 2005

Wedding Weekend

It's been a crazy couple of weeks at the House That Play By Play Built (I mean bought).

You see, my baby sister is getting married (finally!) this weekend and the three older kids, K, J & L are in it along with me.

I'm a groomsman, K is a junior bridesmaid, L is flower girl and J is the ring bearer.

Tonight, we went out to pick up our tuxes and try them on. J looked great. I took a picture that I'll be posting as soon as I get it downloaded. I'm sure there'll be many more pictures this weekend. It'll be my first attempt to try out the new picture feature here on Blogger.

My sister S is marrying a good guy, K. (Yes, another K...I'm about to give up on these single-letter aliases and just start using their real names.) He has 7 brothers and sisters, so it should be interesting to meet them.

We have a three-hour gap between the end of the ceremony and the reception. Apparently, as part of the wedding party, I'm being whisked off in a limo to get pictures taken at various locations, which means I'll be leaving my wife, K, to fend for herself with the four kids. At least her parents will be around to help her out.

From what I hear, there will probably be more beer drinking going on than picture taking. Who am I to complain?

Yesterday, my whole family tried to go golfing with some free passes that S & K got from the golf club where they're having their reception. We managed to get 5 holes in when the lightning and thunder started up. They got their rainchecks and hopefully we'll get a chance to use them again.

I'm going to try and do a better job of posting here. I know I've been big-time slacking. Hell...I think there are only one or two people still reading this thing. If the blog ever dies, I may take a shot at starting a new one somewhere.

Only time will tell.

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Day of School

Today marks the first day of kindergarten for the twins, J & L.

L was quite excited and we thought J was doing ok with it. We forgot to tell him that, although they're in the same class, they probably wouldn't be sitting next to each other. And, of course, they aren't.

So he had a major scowl on his face as we left them for their first day of school while L was already busy chatting with one of her new neighbors. I'm just glad he didn't burst into tears.

K started 4th grade yesterday and she seems pretty excited about all that. It's going to be a challenging year though as the work gets harder, the teacher is known for having lots of projects for homework AND she's doing the "competitive" soccer league which is way more serious than we've ever been. We're really keeping our fingers crossed for a good year.

You may have read about FTB's recent Beer Trip. My question is, did he have to take a second mortgage out to pay for the gas???

Two days ago, gas at the 7-11 across the street was $2.49 for the cheap stuff. Last night, I stopped for some Gatorade and noticed the price had gone up to $2.59.

This morning, stopped there again to get a Diet Coke for the wife and realized we needed gas in the van.

Check the price to make sure it's still $2.59...NOPE!

$2.69.9 per gallon...FOR THE "CHEAP" STUFF!

We still had almost a 1/4 tank left and it still cost $43.35 to fill up. Before long, I'm gonna be dropping $65-$70 every time I fill up!

To make it worse, I was talking to the clerk at the store and "they" are telling him that the cheap stuff will be $3.10 by Labor Day.

Holy crap people...makes me VERY glad I work from home.

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ten Songs - Part Seven

OK...this is it! I can probably squeeze a few songs in before 5:00, but I figure I have you sick of my musical tastes by now.

So...without further is the last set of songs for today.

Hope you enjoyed...or at least didn't kill yourself.

Now Comes The Night – Rob Thomas (What is this? The 3rd Rob Thomas song and he’s only got one freaking solo album out? Again…out of 800 songs?)

Miami – Counting Crows (Now I know why Fisty hates them so much…they’re fucking everywhere!!!)

Sleep To Dream Her – Dave Matthews Band

Einstein On The Beach (For an Eggman) – Counting Crows (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!)

The Way We Were – Cary Pierce (Sounds like an almost perfect song for Elmer Fudd to sing.)

Under Pressure – Boyz II Men (I’ll bet Don thought it was going to be Billy Joel.)

Mad Season – Matchbox 20 (OK…this Rob Thomas stuff is ridiculous. I swear there is one MB20 album and one Rob Thomas album on here…this is crazy!)

Sexy Plexi – Jack Johnson

My Boo – Usher w/Alicia Keys

Fallin’ Upside Down – Rascal Flatts

Until Next Time...


Ten Songs - Part Six

Another round with comments -

Fire & Rain – James Taylor

Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas (Who would open for who with these first two artists?)

Mother Father – Dave Matthews Band

Capable Girl – Jackopierce

Life Less Ordinary – Carbon Leaf

I Like It, I Love It – Tim McGraw

My Heart – Jackopierce

The Cage – Mile Post Nine

Carriage – Counting Crows (Damn…I really didn’t expect there to be this many CC songs on here…I only have two of their CDs stored in the library.)

Meaning – Gavin DeGraw (OK…only one of his albums…hell, I think he only has one and this is the second song of his.)

OK...I think I only have enough time for one, maybe two more rounds of this. I'm sure you're thrilled.

Until Next Time...


Ten Songs - Part Five

OK...just posting the songs was getting boring, so I'm adding a few comments here and there.

Angels Of The Silences – Counting Crows (The very next song in the Library after the last one…what are the odds that happens on Random with over 800 songs in there?)

Sexy Lady – New Edition (This is “new” New Edition…couldn’t they have come up with a better song title than “Sexy Lady”?)

Secret O’ Life – James Taylor (Cuz he’s Irish you know…isn’t he???)

The Story – Pat McGee Band

I Won’t Go Hollywood – Bleu

Chemical Party – Gavin DeGraw

Crazy Dream – Los Lonely Boys

My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer (Can’t wait to hear Fisty’s comments about this one)

You Can Change – Cary Pierce

Homeward Bound – Hatful of Rain (Only a very few people will know who these guys are.)

Until Next Time...


Ten Songs - Part Four

The fourth set of the day...and no, I didn't listen to them all the way through...I can only take so much Dixie Chicks in one day.

God, Pt. 2 – U2

Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks

Can’t Miss What You Never Had – Pat McGee Band

My, My, My – Rob Thomas

If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me – Dixie Chicks

Rainy Day – Guster

Shining – Kristian Leontiou

Curbside Prophet – Jason Mraz

More Bounce – Soul Kid #1

Accidentally In Love – Counting Crows

Until Next Time...


Ten Songs - Part Three

OK...took a little break to pick up the oldest from first 1/2 day of school and go to lunch with the neighbors.'s the third set of 10 songs...

All Along The Watchtower – U2

Ever The Same – Rob Thomas

Sleeping To Dream – Jason Mraz

Am I The Only One – Dixie Chicks

Hold My Hand – Hootie & the Blowfish

Stuck In The Middle With You – Pat McGee Band

Circle – Jackopierce

Up All Night – Counting Crows

Back To You – John Mayer

Everything To Hide – Paul Christianson

Until Next Time...


Ten Songs - Part Two

Since I'm still listening, I figured let's keep this thing are the next ten songs that played. One of Fisty's favorites - John Mayer - is represented.

Barrel of a Gun – Guster

The Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby & The Range

I’ll Take Care of You – Dixie Chicks

83 – John Mayer

One More For Love – Five for Fighting

Go Back To Your Woods – Bruce Hornsby

Halloween – Dave Matthews w/Tim Reynolds

You Say – Vertical Horizon

Straight Curve – Pat McGee Band

Something To Be – Rob Thomas


Ten Songs

I'm struggling for content here lately (as you can tell), so I'm falling back on an old standby...the list of 10 random songs played on my iTunes library.

I can't wait to hear the feedback I get from FTB on this. (He and I don't know exactly have the same musical tastes.) it goes.

Dry County Girl – Rascal Flatts

Last Beautiful Girl – Matchbox 20

One – U2

N Dey Say - Nelly

Van Diemen’s Land – U2

Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

Moment Betrayed – American Horse

If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life – Prince

Yeah! – Usher w/Lil Jon & Ludacris

Hanginaround – Counting Crows

All in all, I'd say that's a pretty accurate representation of the types of music I listen to and it's pretty proportional too re: music genres.

As soon as I come up with something better, I'll let you know.

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What's On My Nightstand?

Thanks to my ol' pal Fist Tickle Brick for tagging me with this little meme.

Without further ado, here we go with today's feature, "What's on Play By Play's Nightstand?"

Alarm Clock - used only when I need to wake up real early to catch a plane. One of the benefits of working from home for a company located two time zones behind you is it's no big deal if you sleep in a little bit.
Corporate Name Tag - used for trade shows
One quarter
A business card from a pest control company
Receipts from: Kohl's, Hen House (local grocery store), the doctor's office and Doughboyz Pizza Works
One of my business cards
A stub from an expense check
A laminated card from a sales training class
A seldom-used CPAP machine

Well...there you have it. Aren't you glad FTB asked?

Until Next Time...


Almost Famous

The last submission on this page is me! :)

I wonder if I can get some free pizza out of it!

Until Next Time...


Monday, August 01, 2005

Mother F*cker

I can not catch a freaking break.

For those that don't know me, I've chosen sales as my latest career path. My last couple of positions have been either in direct sales or something closely related to it. I took my most recent job with a new company last December.

It seems like every sizeable deal I work on causes some kind of havoc back at the home office. From what I've been told, some of the deals I've brought in have created shouting matches in the hallways at work.

I think tonight is even better.

This evening my boss calls me to let me know that a prospective partner group has been in the office all day for meetings and they were getting ready to go out for dinner. Over the course of the day, the boss realized that this group had been mentioned by one of my prospects as someone she'd be working with and that the group had a meeting scheduled with my prospect tomorrow.

She thought it would be wise to call my prospect to let her know that this group was in the office and just get her take on how we could work this to keep everyone happy.

I agreed it was a good idea so called the prospect. She was very appreciative of the heads-up, but was pretty pissed at this other group for talking to us directly when she'd planned on bringing the two groups together in the first place. I tried to diffuse the situation and thought that would be it.

I thought wrong.

Turns out, that while the group was at dinner, the leader of the group called my prospect to tell her about the conversations they'd been having with my management today, including the founder of the company...the guy who helped get me this job.

My prospect basically ripped into her and got all pissed off (according to the leader's version of the conversation). (This would be so much easier if I could use names.) So then the leader, in turn, started ripping into my prospect.

That was followed up by one of the group YELLING at the founder of our company. They were saying that my prospect relayed things that I said...none of which were true.

In fact, the leader of this group was claiming to be the one that told my prospect about us in the first place. I have a hard time believing that since I approached the prospect at a conference in FEBRUARY.

So I've spent the last hour and a half with my boss as she's crafting the e-mail to our management (including the founder) to salvage the situation.

And, of course, the group that was there represents about 10 times as much business as my prospect does.

I can't fucking win.

Until Next Time...