Monday, August 01, 2005

Mother F*cker

I can not catch a freaking break.

For those that don't know me, I've chosen sales as my latest career path. My last couple of positions have been either in direct sales or something closely related to it. I took my most recent job with a new company last December.

It seems like every sizeable deal I work on causes some kind of havoc back at the home office. From what I've been told, some of the deals I've brought in have created shouting matches in the hallways at work.

I think tonight is even better.

This evening my boss calls me to let me know that a prospective partner group has been in the office all day for meetings and they were getting ready to go out for dinner. Over the course of the day, the boss realized that this group had been mentioned by one of my prospects as someone she'd be working with and that the group had a meeting scheduled with my prospect tomorrow.

She thought it would be wise to call my prospect to let her know that this group was in the office and just get her take on how we could work this to keep everyone happy.

I agreed it was a good idea so called the prospect. She was very appreciative of the heads-up, but was pretty pissed at this other group for talking to us directly when she'd planned on bringing the two groups together in the first place. I tried to diffuse the situation and thought that would be it.

I thought wrong.

Turns out, that while the group was at dinner, the leader of the group called my prospect to tell her about the conversations they'd been having with my management today, including the founder of the company...the guy who helped get me this job.

My prospect basically ripped into her and got all pissed off (according to the leader's version of the conversation). (This would be so much easier if I could use names.) So then the leader, in turn, started ripping into my prospect.

That was followed up by one of the group YELLING at the founder of our company. They were saying that my prospect relayed things that I said...none of which were true.

In fact, the leader of this group was claiming to be the one that told my prospect about us in the first place. I have a hard time believing that since I approached the prospect at a conference in FEBRUARY.

So I've spent the last hour and a half with my boss as she's crafting the e-mail to our management (including the founder) to salvage the situation.

And, of course, the group that was there represents about 10 times as much business as my prospect does.

I can't fucking win.

Until Next Time...