Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ten Songs - Part Five

OK...just posting the songs was getting boring, so I'm adding a few comments here and there.

Angels Of The Silences – Counting Crows (The very next song in the Library after the last one…what are the odds that happens on Random with over 800 songs in there?)

Sexy Lady – New Edition (This is “new” New Edition…couldn’t they have come up with a better song title than “Sexy Lady”?)

Secret O’ Life – James Taylor (Cuz he’s Irish you know…isn’t he???)

The Story – Pat McGee Band

I Won’t Go Hollywood – Bleu

Chemical Party – Gavin DeGraw

Crazy Dream – Los Lonely Boys

My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer (Can’t wait to hear Fisty’s comments about this one)

You Can Change – Cary Pierce

Homeward Bound – Hatful of Rain (Only a very few people will know who these guys are.)

Until Next Time...