Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ten Songs - Part Seven

OK...this is it! I can probably squeeze a few songs in before 5:00, but I figure I have you sick of my musical tastes by now.

So...without further ado...here is the last set of songs for today.

Hope you enjoyed...or at least didn't kill yourself.

Now Comes The Night – Rob Thomas (What is this? The 3rd Rob Thomas song and he’s only got one freaking solo album out? Again…out of 800 songs?)

Miami – Counting Crows (Now I know why Fisty hates them so much…they’re fucking everywhere!!!)

Sleep To Dream Her – Dave Matthews Band

Einstein On The Beach (For an Eggman) – Counting Crows (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!)

The Way We Were – Cary Pierce (Sounds like an almost perfect song for Elmer Fudd to sing.)

Under Pressure – Boyz II Men (I’ll bet Don thought it was going to be Billy Joel.)

Mad Season – Matchbox 20 (OK…this Rob Thomas stuff is ridiculous. I swear there is one MB20 album and one Rob Thomas album on here…this is crazy!)

Sexy Plexi – Jack Johnson

My Boo – Usher w/Alicia Keys

Fallin’ Upside Down – Rascal Flatts

Until Next Time...