Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ten Songs

I'm struggling for content here lately (as you can tell), so I'm falling back on an old standby...the list of 10 random songs played on my iTunes library.

I can't wait to hear the feedback I get from FTB on this. (He and I don't know exactly have the same musical tastes.)

Anyway...here it goes.

Dry County Girl – Rascal Flatts

Last Beautiful Girl – Matchbox 20

One – U2

N Dey Say - Nelly

Van Diemen’s Land – U2

Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

Moment Betrayed – American Horse

If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life – Prince

Yeah! – Usher w/Lil Jon & Ludacris

Hanginaround – Counting Crows

All in all, I'd say that's a pretty accurate representation of the types of music I listen to and it's pretty proportional too re: music genres.

As soon as I come up with something better, I'll let you know.

Until Next Time...