Monday, May 21, 2007


No guarantee of regular posts...nothing of the sort to be found here.

Just thought I'd put a general update since my last post is over a year old.

Since last March, I got laid off from my job, went through an uncomfortable period of unemployment and have, thankfully, found a new job which I'm quite pleased with at this point.

The family is still the same...just a little older. In fact, the oldest turns 11 this week. God I feel old.

My intent is to start writing more than I have been. (Shouldn't be TOO hard should it?) I expect most of the stuff will be TV, music, movies or sports-related...but you never know what might pop out of this brain!

Speaking of TV...I just asked Fisty for his opinion on the latest season of Celebrity Fit Club. I think Dustin Diamond could well be one of the biggest idiots in the history of reality TV (and I'm not linking to him because he is such an idiot).

I've watched this show periodically in the past, but now I'm just watching to see if Screech gets the living **** kicked out of him.

Another favorite reality show is The Inferno on MTV. I like the competition more than the drama, but even that's become fairly entertaining.

As for non-reality stuff, still an Entourage fan...I just wish they'd extend it to an hour. All the other series are wrapping up for the summer, so not much point in posting those here.

Movie-wise...hmm...did see Spider-Man 3...not that impressed. Watched Crank on DVD...weird flick. Tops on my summer movie list are: Ocean's 13, Die Hard 72, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, The Bourne Ultimatum, and I can't think of anything else.

Oh...back to TV for a second...did anyone see SNL this last week? I was pretty disappointed with both the host and the musical guest. I actually like Maroon 5 (go ahead Fisty...ridicule away), but they are most definitely a studio band...not that great live. I know this is way overdue, but the show with Justin Timberlake from this season is my new recent was strong from start to finish. I did like the Peyton Manning episode, but Timberlake's "D*ck In A Box" music video was PHENOMENAL. I haven't laughed that hard at SNL in forever.

That's pretty much all I have for now.

I'm pretty confident I can say it won't be a year before my next post.

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