Monday, May 02, 2011

Don't Call It a Comeback!

At least not until I actually start posting here on a regular basis again.

So what brings me back, you ask? (And by you, I mean the crickets that I'm hearing.)

The Kansas City Royals are running a contest to allow a select number of bloggers to come and blog live from The K for a game against the Cleveland Indians on May 17, 2011 and I thought it sounded like a great opportunity.

In filling out the registration form, it asked for a website address and I remembered, "HEYYYYY....I know I have a blog laying around here somewhere!"

And what do you know? I actually found it!

I can't believe it's been almost four years since I last posted to this blog and 5-1/2 years since I updated it on a regular basis. Even more amazing is the fact that I started this blog over 7 years ago.

I realize that a blog may be overkill in today's world of Facebook & Twitter (which weren't even on the radar when I started this thing), but it's still nice to know that there's once place I can go to write something without worrying about exceeding whatever character limit there is on Facebook. (Don't even get me started on 140 characters for Twitter.)

I do know this...if the Royals pick me for this Blog the Royals contest, you'll definitely be seeing more of me around here in the foreseeable future.